About Us

Piyush Patel, M.D. FRCPC

CEO & Medical Director

Dr. Piyush Patel is an internationally recognized allergy and asthma specialist. Dr. Patel founded Allied Research International in 1989. As CEO for Allied Research Dr. Patel developed innovative methods to conduct clinical research which made the organization a leading provider of early-stage, bioanalytical and late-stage clinical research services to the pharmaceutical industry. By 2007, Allied Research grew to 650 employees and was named one of Canada’s 50 best managed companies in 2006.

Dr. Patel has sat on several FDA and TPD advisory boards and has been invited to present at both the FDA and TPD in his area of expertise. As advisor to major pharmaceutical companies, Dr Patel has been involved in the development and Canadian launch of several blockbuster allergy and asthma medications in Canada. He also has numerous publications in allergy, respiratory and dermatology.

Dr. Patel was recently named Canada’s entrepreneur of the year 2008 by Ernst & Young for his accomplishments as an entrepreneur.

Anne Marie Salapatek, PhD

President & Chief Science Officer

Dr. Anne Marie Salapatek has over 20 years’ research experience both in industry and academia. She is the author of over 100 publications including patent inventions in topics ranging from inflammatory mechanisms to clinical trial design, conduct and Environmental Exposure Chamber technology. Dr. Salapatek was awarded a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from McMaster University, MSc in Physiology and BSc in Biochemistry from University of Toronto, Canada. Dr. Salapatek was the recipient of Canadian Institute of Health Research’s Principal Investigator funding and appointed Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto conducting well-funded research in the areas of respiratory, diabetes and gastroenterology. She was the recipient from the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario of the prestigious John Polanyi Prize (Nobel laureate) recognizing excellence in research in Canada. Dr. Salapatek brings to Inflamax Research a strong academic background coupled with extensive experience in clinical drug development in partnership with client Sponsors. She has advocated the use of the EEC model for allergy and dry eye research in regulatory and research forums demonstrating their benefit to improving the accuracy and precision of clinical research.